How to cancel the availability of the awaited order?

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If by some force majeure circumstances you can’t wait for the prepayment for your apartment anymore, you can cancel the availability – this will help you avoid the confirmed by the prepayment booking cancellation penalties.

For this you need:

1. Go to the “Orders” section in the owners control panel
2. Choose and open the order you need
3. Below the information about the order press the “cancel availability” button

That can be done only before the guest will make a prepayment. It needs to be done as fast as possible, because very often the guest makes a prepayment during first five-ten minutes. If you don’t have access to the computer, call the Booking Center and ask the managers to cancel the availability of the order, giving the order number and/or your owners ID. We would like to remind you that canceling the availability of the awaited orders lowers your rating in the system and the level of trust to you as an owner.