Informing by text messages and requests for my apartment

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For your comfort informs you about requests, orders, pre-booking and cancellation of the processed bookings by e-mails and text messages.

Text messages on your contact phone number are a reminder about checking the guest information and also a confirmation of the requests for your apartment if it’s on “ON REQUEST” mode.

In e-mails and also on your owners Control Panel presents you all details of the booking – from price divided by days to contact information of the guest who booked your apartment.

There are two types of requests:

Direct request for your apartment: In this case you will receive a text message with dates and ID of your apartment. To process this request you need to open your e-mail about this request and in the letter click one of the links – “Apartment is available” or “Apartment is unavailable”

Please note that minimum booking and docking on default options are turned off for the apartments “On Request”, I. e. the client can send request for any length of stay and any dates available in your calendar.

To not be bothered by these requests for unavailable dates and also stay shorter than minimum booking, you need to select “Account” on your control panel and mark the corresponding menu field.

Request for your apartments as alternative options

You receive this request when the guest sent a request for an apartment of another owner. In that case you will receive an e-mail with the list of all your apartments that might be suitable for that guest. In the e-mail you need to click “YES, AVAILABLE” in front of all your flats that you can offer the guest on the chosen dates.