What to do if a bookings clash happened?

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If a clash of DOBOVO and your own booking happened, we strongly recommend you to make the DOBOVO client booking a priority. We recommend you that because if you can’t provide an accommodation for DOBOVO client in the apartment of their choice, your rating on our site will get lower and we will reevaluate the possibility of cooperation with you, also a penalty in amount of the half of the prepayment made by the guest will be deducted from your balance as a compensation to the guest for their moral disappointment. If you don’t have an opportunity to provide an accommodation in the apartment they chose, due to the cooperation conditions, you have to pick for them an alternative option that will fully correspond to their demands. Change of the apartments will influence the rating of your apartment, and the information that you don’t provide accommodations in the apartments of their choice will be available for all future clients of dobovo.com