Availability calendar: Why my flats are on “on request” mode for the next few days?

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If you want guests to book your apartment according to the schedule without prior confirmation of availability, you need to activate instant booking.
Calendar in the section Prices and availability need to be updated as often as it is possible – it will increase the ranking when searching for apartments and help to avoid cancellations.

If you have not updated the calendar for more than 24 hours – 7 days will be transferred to the on request mode, 48 hours – next two weeks, 72 hours – three weeks and so on.

Apartments, for which the schedule has not been updated for more than 24 hours are set to request every day at 6:10 am. This means that if you update the schedule at 9:00 am yesterday, next 7 days your apartment will not be transferred to the under request mode at 9:00 today because at the 6.10 update was made less than 24-hours ago.

Do not forget that the rating of the apartments depends on the frequency of updates and if the schedule is updated more often, the more bookings you receive.
To configure automatic updates every 8 minutes, you can set a synchronization schedule.

Video tutorial about “Prices and Availability” page managing on dobovo.com