The apartment has been returned for editing, what do I do?

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If you requested an approval for your apartment and soon after it was returned to you for editing, please, check your e-mail, there will be a letter with the reasons why the flat wasn’t approved on
Usually, we can’t approve the apartment if:

– you didn’t give enough information about it;

– there are logos of other companies in the photos you’ve added;

– it’s impossible to find the location of the flat, i.e. the address is incorrect;

– the indicated number of rooms does not correspond to the number that you marked in the attributes in the second step of adding an apartment, and indicated in the description;

– the maximum number of people who can live in an apartment is much larger than the number of beds;

– there is no description, attributes are not exhibited and there are not enough photographs to determine the number of rooms in the apartment, the number and types of beds, and attributes in the apartment;

– there are logos of other companies on photos or photos of very small size;

– there is no indicated number of sleeping places on the photo;

– added several accommodation options in one ad.

Also, the content manager can indicate another reason why an apartment cannot be added to the site.

Upon receipt of such a letter, you must make the appropriate changes to the apartment and request approval again.

For your wonderful apartments to be approved as soon as possible, we recommend adding the maximum amount of details of the apartment information and follow the instructions about adding an apartment.