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It is important to specify your personal information in the correct way while registering on Dobovo. Try to avoid repetitions, company names “Owner” or “Landlord” are completely uninformative – it will be much more productive to write your name. If you want to change any information about you, you need to make all changes in the Cabinet section of the Owner’s Control Panel and click the “Save” button. All your data is completely confidential and is used only for the purpose of cooperation with you.

Let’s consider the filling of some lines in more detail.

If you have indicated the country or your login at registration incorrectly, you will need to register the account again, specifying the correct data.
In case you would like to change your company name on the website (“Company” field), you are supposed to send a written application to or to your personal manager, including your owner registration code and desired corrections.
In the “Contact person” line you must specify the name of the person responsible for the accommodation of guests or the direct owner of the apartment.

In the “Phone” line you should write your main phone number (or several numbers, separated by commas). This number(s) will be received by the guests after they would make a prepayment.
In the “Mobile phone” line you should specify the phone number that will be used to send SMS messages to you. It will not be given to guests (it may be the same as the number above).
You indicate your email address, which will be used in all correspondence (with both Dobovo managers and guests) below.

If you have forgotten the data to enter the owner’s control panel (login/password), use the “Forgot Password” button.


After successful registration, log into your personal account and complete the information about your profile.
In the “Address”, “City”, “Region”, “Index” lines you should specify the address where you can be found. This information is not available to guests on the site and is not mandatory.
The “Mobile phone 2” and “Fax” fields are not obligatory for filling, however additional numbers to be used by Dobovo managers to contact you are welcome.

You can also add your own photo and information about yourself. This information affects the rating of apartments on the site, as well as increases the level of confidence of guests. In the “Language in Email” line specify the language in which you want to receive letters from Dobovo.
Please mark the languages that you speak for the successful accommodation of guests below.


Video tutorial of the owners control panel.