How to add an apartment so that it would be approved fast?

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Adding the apartment – is one of the most important moments in the beginning of cooperation with our site.

The apartments you have added and its information are your advertisements and the main source of information about the flat for the guests. To attract more clients fill the information in detail, adding all services available for your apartment – the more detailed and clear the information will be, the higher the possibility of successful orders on DOBOVO.
To add an apartment, go to your Control Panel and pick the section Apartments → Add apartment


and follow three easy steps:
1. General information about the apartment
2. Listing the attributes
3. Adding the photos

1. General information about the apartment:
– State full actual address – the name of the street and building number. Using this information we will set the coordinates of the apartment and the clients will be able to find it, using the map on our site.
– Set the number of rooms
– Come up with a bright, attention attracting headline and apartment description without using press abbreviations, contact information, and slang words.
– In the HOUSE RULES section state all information about check-in and check-out, information about deposits, documents necessary for checking in and way for passing the keys.
– Basic price should be set for a maximum amount of guests and include the Dobovo commission.


The client will see the information you’ve filled in Step 1 like this:


NB. All information, filled in on Step 1 should be 100% real, as DOBOVO is obliged to return the prepayment made by the guest as a moral disappointment compensation if the flat doesn’t live up to the information stated on the site.

Also do not use such characters: ё, `,”, / etc.

Step 2. Listing the attributes

This step is a description of the flat and also this information is used for applying search filters on our site. Main attributes. The apartments search on is made based on the information in this section, i.e. the guest firsthand selects the most important to them attributes and conditions in the apartment they’re searching for.

If in the main attributes you’ve listed washing machine, air conditioner, etc., then on the next Step you need to point in what room exactly that attribute is. Also, it’s very important to have the number of rooms you’re stating while listing attributes should be the same as the number of rooms you’ve stated in Step 1.
Particular qualities and accommodations of the flat. Here it’s necessary to write about the apartment windows view (it’s either the backyard or the street in any apartment), type of internet connection (if available) and heating system.

Placement. Often the placement of the apartment is the main factor influencing the client’s choice. For this, a map with GPS coordinates of the apartment is displayed on the page, showing the real distance to the key areas of the city from the apartment.
Building and surroundings. Information about the entrance to the building, elevator, and type of the lock at the entrance is very important. General information about the flat.

It’s necessary to fill in the information about the cleaning of the apartment. If this service isn’t included in the price, make sure to state that information.
Information about reception services. Here you should state the reception availability, it’s schedule and languages knowledge.
Listing the possibility of transfer services implies your company can present that service for the additional price. Also, information about parking availability is very important for clients who travel by car.
Passing the keys. Make sure to state where the client can receive the keys.

Step 3
Add as much high quality and up to date photos of your apartment as possible, as the photos are also a very important factor influencing the client’s choice.

You also can send us a video-rewiev of your apartment.

How to get verified photos from you can read here.