What questions may be asked in our Viber public account?

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In Dobovo’s owners’ public account you can share your experience of running daily rent business and ask questions of your interest.

This article gathers examples of topics and questions which it would be useful to discuss in community with Expert owners and personal managers.

  • How to raise my apartments’ rating?
  • What actions should be undertaken in case of overbooking?
  • How to synchronize several availability calendars?
  • Is dobovo.com mobile application convenient and where can it be downloaded?
  • What is the proper way to register information in house rules?
  • How to get a free photo session from Dobovo?
  • How to become an Expert owner?
  • What dates are considered to be High season?
  • How much should I increase the cost of an apartment for a high season?
  • How to achieve maximum availability calendar filling and what is booking with connections?
  • And many others.

If you wish to ask anything publicly in our public account for owners – contact your personal manager. View more details here. (How to ask a question in Viber public account?)