Letters with requests to offer an alternative accommodation for the client

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Dobovo website gives you the opportunity to offer guest who books accommodation in your city, your vacant apartments.
For example, a guest makes a request for an apartment, which has “Under request” booking mode.
The request falls to the owner, whose apartment was requested.
While the guest will be waiting for confirmation of availability, request with alternative accommodation sending to another owners in this city, who have not closed the availability calendar for the dates chosen by the guest.
It is sent only to the mail, so the owner can not see it in the Control Panel.
In the letter named Offer your apartment to guests on these dates you can:

– offer your available apartment as alternative accommodation by clicking on Yes, it’s available button, which located opposite the name of the apartment.


– or close the booked dates in the availability calendar to not recieve requests named Offer your apartment to guests on these dates.

In case you do not want to receive letters with an offer to provide an alternative option at the request of the guest, you can turn off the sending. To do this you must remove the checkbox “Send me emails with an offer to provide an alternative option at the request of the guest” (by default this function is active) in the “Account – Personal Info” section of the account.


If you offer your apartments as alternatives, the client will receive a letter with variants of free apartments on his dates. From the received letter, he can go to the link, make a request for your apartment and, after confirmation the availability, make a prepayment.
If you offered as an alternative a not available apartment by accident, it’s better to make note in your availability calendar and sigh chosen dates as booked. Then the guest will not be able to book it.

The price in the letter with alternatives is already indicated after deducting the Dobovo commission and applying all the discounts for the guest set in your personal account (also the discount by the Expert program).