How to make a video-review of the apartment?

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The number of offers is growing every day in the daily rental market. Nowadays nobody will be surprised by a beautiful and specially edited photo. Also, customers are becoming more attentive and demand more information about the apartment, which they are interested in booking.

You’ll agree that not always it is possible to get the right impression from the photo and catch all advantages of the apartment.

We are glad to announce that you can post video reviews of your apartment on now. It will help to make your offer more visible among thousands of others.

What is the function of the video review?
– In the video you will be able to attract attention to all the advantages of an apartment and show the room at 360 degrees;
– Customers can virtually visit the apartment, and therefore will have more confidence in the information provided, and you can save time on previews of apartments;
You can show in your video how to fold out a sofa-bed or turn on the Jacuzzi and forget about answering these frequently asked questions forever.
– And, of course, this will increase the ranking of your apartment on

It may seem to you that video review will be complicated and cost a lot of money, but it is not so. You are free to shoot the video on your smartphone and edit it using any free app.

We have prepared for you a few tips to show how to make a good video and share it with joy.


1. Make the plan of the route in the apartment in advance – move out of the way fold stools and sofas.
2. Provide good lighting: test the lights and if possible install more powerful bulbs.
3. Carry out the cleaning of the apartment: the minor stains on the mirrors or other smooth surfaces look worse on photos and videos.
4. Hide the things that can interfere with the clutter and space: jackets, shoes and bags that you brought with you, ironing boards, dryers and cleaners.
5. Clean the lens of the camera again 🙂 It’s incredibly, but this is the easiest way to make a video of better quality.

Video creation process
1. Show not only the flat but also the view from the windows, the yard, and the front door.
2. Open the cabinets and pantry, show to the clients every centimeter of property, because our goal is to give full information about the apartment.
3. Make multiple takes from different angles.
4. You may need an assistant who will open the door while you are shooting, or will shoot if you decide to have a word to potential customers.

Yes, do not be shy and show yourselves in the video! So, you can not only show how the devices work but also increase customer trust.

You can also send us previously made video reviews if the information on the video is still relevant. Before sending we recommend check the video: there should not be your contacts as such information can not be published on the website.

The format and length of the video are irrelevant. You ou can send us the videos in any convenient way – upload files in the repository, youtube and send us a link to the post to

Our content managers will add video to the website.

As an example, you can view videos that were already given us by owners.