How to set the working time of the owner?

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Dobovo enables a new feature that allows you to set the time limiting for booking your apartment. You can specify the time, starting from which, guests will not be able to book an apartment (if the date of arrival is today).

What’s it for?
This function will streamline your apartment’s reservation and help to avoid unwanted orders and late arrivals.

How does it work?
You have specified the working time for booking till 20:00. This means that your apartment will be displayed in the list of apartments available for booking only till 20:00. The guest who is looking for an apartment in your city for today will be able to book an apartment just till the time specified by you. Later, the apartment will not be available for booking.
Guest can still link in the page of your apartment by searching by ID or by clicking on the direct link. But if a guest chooses a date of arrival “today”, there will be a notification about unavailability of the apartment.

To set the working time, you have to go to the menu Apartments -> All apartments.

After choosing certain apartment you have to go to the edit page, step 1.

At the bottom of the page, there is a field “Accept bookings for same day until”, where the value of 24:00 is set by default. This means that the apartment is available for booking at any time. Specify the time frame of booking your apartment and click on “Save and continue”.

You can also set the working time in your personal account on the main page, which displays all available apartments for today.