Why Dobovo can request guests' documents?


The system for monitoring financial transactions of Dobovo service fixes orders with the likely risk of challenging of transactions made in favor of the company, based on a number of indicators.

Therefore we need to have confirmation of the service provided for each such order.

The personal manager will ask you for a scan copy or photo of the guest's document, as well as the completed check-in form as a confirmation (for more details, see https://support.dobovo.com/hc/en-us/articles/200161563-Check-in-form), in rare cases - a photo of the guest's payment card.

You can receive a payment for this order only after the following is done:
- You have provided the above documents for the order;
- Dobovo received a written response from the guest confirming that their lived in your apartment.

These measures are carried out to avoid fraudulent transactions with payments.
Please treat with patience and understanding for this procedure.

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