How to set up and use referral links in the affiliate program?


Referral links - the fastest and easiest way to integrate. In your personal account you will receive a unique link to the site. The booking on this unique link will be assigned to you as a partner.

Your account will be assigned a unique registration number which will be your identifier in the affiliate program.
Examples of referral links to the site and instructions for creating a link will be available in your personal account.
You can copy the link of the search results or a specific apartment and send it to the client in any convenient way.
Examples of links are available in the Integration - Referral links section.


The information about the following will write in the browser settings of the customers who have made an order by clicking on this link. Even if the client will go directly to the site in the future, the order will be assigned to you.

You can also make an order for the customer yourself using a referral link.


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