What are the integration ways with the Dobovo affiliate program?


We offer such integration options:

1. Referral links

The fastest and simplest, however no less effective way of cooperation in our partner program. This method is ideal for active users of the Internet, owners of personal sites, blogs and pages in social networks.

- Immediate usage
- Any internal link usage
- Your visitor will be yours forever

Examples of places where the referral links are effectively used:
 - Articles in blogs
 - News or articles in the archive
 - Forums
 - Social networks
 - Manual use (booking)

2. Dobobo widgets - the easiest and fastest way to add an online booking service to your website. Place the Dobovo widget (search form, widget of hot offers and discounts, widget of the best apartments) on your website and start getting a commission for each booking.

- Fast and easy implementation and integration
- Search box widget with different styles
- Hot offers widget
- Featured apartments widget
- Your visitor will be yours forever

We have developed a fully functional and incredibly flexible API interface to our booking system, which allows our partners to create their own website for online booking apartments with their unique design. This type of integration requires the essential work of the programmer from the partner.

- Creating unique online apartments booking website

Special requirements for the partner site:
- High traffic
- Strong contract
- IT department on partner side

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