Why my account is blocked?


Your account can be blocked in our system because of prepaid booking cancellation. In Dobovo we are doing our best so that our customers can always stay in the apartments they booked. That is why we launched precautions like temporary access limitation to Dobovo.com for those owners who canceled guests' orders and put them into awkward position by doing it. If you found your account blocked, it means that for the next 3 months you can't use our system to rent your flats to our customers.
After your account is blocked, your personal manager will contact you to consult about the further cooperation with our website.
After 3-months period termination you will have an opportunity to work with Dobovo orders again, that definitely makes us happy.
If you want to activate your account before the 3-months period termination, let us know about it by contacting your personal manager. Activation will be possible if you pay a compensation equal to the one night accommodation to the guest.

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