How to prepare an apartment for a professional shooting?


Remember that photos of apartments is the first thing guests see and it is the deciding factor for booking. That is why it is so important to have beautiful photos, which will show all benefits of your home. Dobovo help you with this for free and provides professional photography, so you can get more bookings.

Before the photographer will start to shoot your apartment, we advise to prepare it. Here are a few tips to help make the best pictures:

1. First, arrange cleaning of the apartment: it is very important for all surfaces, including windows, mirrors or any other reflective objects to be perfectly clean.

2. Good lighting in apartment: check all lights and install more powerful bulbs. If you are making photos during the day, open the window and move the curtains and get more light to the room.

3. Remove all messy items: hide ironing boards, clothes dryers, mops and cleaning products. Move your personal belongings and stuff that would not be interesting to the guests. Place all the decorations accurately.

4. Bedroom: neatly made bed linens. Remove all unnecessary items from the bedside tables. Add the beautiful decor elements - a few decorative pillows and bedspread.

5. Bathroom: Ensure that all glass and metal objects were rubbed, close any covers and lockers, gently fold the guest towels. Bathroom should be especially clean and well maintained, without stains on surfaces.

6. Kitchen: hide cooking utensils in lockers, place other items carefully. Put fresh flowers on the table - it will add a feeling of freshness apartment.

7. Other details: Think about pleasant things: tea, coffee, chocolate, wine, or a cat - the guest will remember these details and it will help him/her stop choice on your apartment. Do not forget that your apartment should be not only comfortable and clean, but stylish. You can use the services of designers or create beauty with your own hands.

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