What should be mentioned in house rules?

House rules  is a very important parameter in the description of your apartment. This field should include everything about check-in/check out/rules/requirements.

 Dobovo recommends pay attention to such moments:

1. The time of check-in/check out;

2. Terms of early check-in/check out and additional charge for these services;

3. Your policies in the apartment (allowed of prohibited):

  • smoking
  • accommodation with pets
  • accommodation with children
  • parties and celebrations
  • your guests in the apartment
  • making noise in the apartment

We recommend you to prescribe all penalties for violation of the rules.

4. Requirements to guests age;

5. Security deposit - the presence and amount;

6. Special conditions of settlement during the New Year (or other) events;

7. Paid services that are not included in the price of the apartment (transfer, parking space, additional sets of bed linen and towels, cot, meeting at the airport);

8. The cost of the apartment per night depending on the number of people living in it (if it is changing, it is necessary to mention it);

9. Terms of the settlement and transfer of keys (where pick up the keys).

Our managers inform all guests about the house rules. Thus, we insure you against all possible risks. Please specify all possible information about your apartment because it will help you avoid any problems with the accommodation of the guests.

It is not recommended to specify the specific cost for a certain number of residents in the house rules because you can change your decision (decrease/increase the amount of the cost) in time, and the information on the site will not be relevant.

Also, do not recommend to specify the discount size for long-term booking. You can set a discount for any number of days in the reservation in the Offers & Discounts section in the Hotelier control panel.

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