How does the discount in Expert program calculates?


To explain how the discount in Expert program is calculated, we give an example.

You've added basic price 800 UAH to your apartment:

You set price 700 UAH for selected dates:

And you set offer for 3rd of March:

And you set the discounts:

Based on all these data, for an unregistered guest who wants to book your apartment, the price from 29th of February to 4th of March will be 2590 UAH for the entire period, or 647,50 per day:

But if the guest logged in to our website through his personal profile, and he is a member of Expert program for clients, there will be:

- 5% discount from loyalty program (provided by Dobovo commission);

- 10% discount from the Expert program (you provide it at your own expense):

Thus, the discount from the Expert program have already added to all other discounts/offers for the dates that guest choose.

When the guest will make the booking with 10% discount in his personal profile it will be displayed in Orders menu in your control panel:

Read more about how to become a member of Expert program.

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