How does the discount in Expert+ program calculate?


When searching for an apartment on Dobovo for a certain period, the guest is shown the cost of housing, taking into account all the discounts and promotions that you set up. This may include:
- discount on the length of stay
- current promotion, which is in this period

Such special offers will be displayed to the guest in the block with the order details:

The guest who is an Expert on Dobovo will receive additional discounts:
- 5% discount on the loyalty program (subtracted from Dobovo commission);
- 10% discount on the Expert program (you provide it at your own expense):


Thus, the discount on the Expert program has already added to all discounts/promotions for the dates that guest choose.

After the guest makes an order with a 10% discount, a note that it was made by an expert guest will be added to this reservation which you can see in your personal account in the Orders section.


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