How can I connect my apartments to the Expert program?


Once we have added you to Expert program, you should choose apartments that you will provide with 10% discount. We'll tell you how to do it.

First, you will see a message that you are involved in Expert program on the main page of your control panel. Also, there will be a link Add apartment to the Expert program.

Also the program page can be accessed via the Offers and discounts menu in your control panel:

At the program page, you'll see a list of your apartments. You should choose those that will participate in expert program and click Install.

10% discount will be automatically set to choose apartments on condition that it is booked by guest who also is a member of Expert program.
The apartment, which is connected to the program will automatically get 30 points of popularity so its rating will be much higher.

Also the 'Expert owner' logo will be added to this apartment.

Read more about how to become a member of Expert program.

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