How can I become a member of Expert program?


If you want and are ready to become a member of the Expert program and increase the rating of your apartments, then we expect that you will meet the following criteria:

You have 5 confirmed* orders for the last 12 months of cooperation;
You have no canceled confirmed** orders for the past 12 months;
The average rating of all your apartments based on guest reviews should be at least 8.0 points;
The minimum percentage of guest reviews about apartments is 20%;
The minimum percentage of responses to reviews from guests is 30%;
You have set at least 2 discounts for up to 3 nights (inclusive);
A photo of the owner is uploaded to the personal account.

If you meet all the above parameters, the system will automatically make you a member of the Expert program.

* the guests lived in your apartments for all these orders.
** guests made an advance payment on these orders.

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