How can I become a member of Expert Program?


If you want and you are ready to become a part of Expert program and improve the rank of apartments, we hope that you will comply with the following criteria:

  • You have 10 confirmed orders* for the past 12 months;
  • You didn't cancel confirmed** orders for the last 12 months;
  • Average user rating for your apartments should not be lower than 7.0;
  • At least two discounts for the duration of stay up to 10 days are set for each of the apartments (not inclusive);
  • You are working in Instant booking mode;
  • You are using discounts and offers;
  • You have a high Successful accommodations rating on Dobovo.

If you fit to all parameters, we will be happy to make you a participant of Expert program. To make this happen, contact your personal manager (via telephone of e-mail), and leave the request. We will check all the information and within 1-3 working days we will give you the answer/connect you to the program.

* Guests stayed in your apartments for all these bookings.

** Guests made a prepayment for this order.

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