How can I get a discount with Expert program?


To become an expert and get a discount from owners, you just need to have 5 confirmed bookings in our system and to book an apartment of expert* owner. More about this:

- You made all bookings through your personal profile on Dobovo, or they were added to it. Read more about How to add previous orders to the personal profile;

- All bookings were confirmed. This means that you have stayed in apartments in all five bookings;

- All orders were made in the past (if you have pending booking that was confirmed with prepaid, it will not be counted as long as you will not stay in the apartment).

- You can get a discount only from expert owner - the best and most trusted. Emblem 'Expert owner' can be seen in photos of apartments in the directory.


Please note that if there is no emblem 'Expert owner', you can not get 10% discount from him because he is not in Expert program. Please keep this in mind when you are making a booking.

However, according to the loyalty policy of the Dobovo, you can get a discount up to 5% from our company, regardless of whether you book an apartment of an Expert owner or usual owner.

Once you become an expert, and then you have five confirmed bookings in your personal account on Dobovo, we are pleased to inform you about it via e-mail:

Also your name in your account will be displayed on a green background:

* The owners participating in the Expert program.

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