How to improve the reliability of the profile?


You can increase the reliability of your profile on Dobovo in several ways:

1. Confirm your email address.

To confirm the e-mail address go to the My profile box and next press button Confirm near your e-mail:

Or click on the Confirm button opposite the e-mail in box on the left side of the page under the photo. After pressing Confirm window will appear to confirm the e-mail addresses. It then click Send email with confirmation link:

After that, you will have e-mail with confirm link. Press it to confirm email.

2. Verify your mobile phone number.

To confirm the phone number go to the My profile box and next press button Confirm.

Or click Confirm a phone number in front of the block on the left side of the page under the photo. After pressing Confirm you will see the mobile phone confirmation window:

Next, click on the Send code. The message will be sent to your phone number that you mentioned in the profile. After that, open the field to enter a code from sms:

If for some reason you did not reseive sms, you can re-send message, but not earlier than 5 minutes after the last message.

In the Code from the SMS field you have to enter the code and click Confirm.

3. Connect accounts in social networks.

To do this, just click on the link Connect icon next to the social network. Connection process is the same as the registration profile through social networks. If you are logged in your browser in a social network account, the connection will be completed automatically. If you are not, you will need to login on the login page in the social network. After all fields are filled in, you have to click on the Save button.

4. Verify the profile with documents.

To confirm your profile, you have to go to the My Profile box and press Confirm in front of Offline confirmation field:

After clicking the button you will see a window for documents downloading:

In the window, select the type of document - a passport or driver's license. Select the country in which the document was selected, and click on the green arrow or drag the photo directly.

Then press the button Confirm the profile.

We strongly recommend filling your profile with accurate information because it will increase the level of confidence of owners.

Read why you should create a personal account on here.

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