How can I change the dates of arrival and departure in the confirmed order?


If you wish to change the dates of your stay in the confirmed reservation, you need to agree this issue with the owner. His/her contacts can be found in the confirmation email of your order.

If you want to shorten the term of your stay in the confirmed booking, you should take into account the cancellation policy. Most often, the reduction in the length of the reservation without penalty is possible for at least 7 days before the arrival date. Accordingly, if you already live in the selected apartment, then shorten the stay you can only with extra payment for 1 night as a penalty for cancellation of one or more reservation dates.

Additionally, it should be taken into account that if you booked an apartment at a special rate, for example at a promotional price, then when you move dates for another period of time, the price may vary significantly.

If you shorten the period of stay, and the discount for the duration of stay was applied to the cost of the order, the price for each day will be recalculated taking into account the up-to-date information for a new period of residence.

For example, you book an apartment for 7 days with a discount for a duration of 10%, after that you reduced the reservation to 2 days (while for 2 days of residence the owner has a 2% discount). In this case, the cost of each day will be recalculated taking into account the updated information (it means that the owner will subtract 2% from the rack rate but not 10% and thus the cost of each day will be higher).

If you want to extend your stay, please contact the owner as soon as possible in order to agree on new dates of arrival or departure. If the owner will be able to extend your reservation, he/she will do this with a pleasure.

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