Why does the price differs from the basic one when I insert my check-in and check-out dates/number of people?


The price of the apartment depends on several factors, such as seasonality, day of the week, the term of stay, number of guests and public holidays.

If you do not specify certain dates you see rack rate or the lowest possible price for this apartment.

In order to see the exact price for your arrival dates, you should insert your check-in and check-out date above the availability calendar.


You will see the price for each day in the booking summary including all possible discounts and hot offers.

 Also, the cost of the apartment may vary depending on the number of residents.
If you do not specify the number of people upon viewing an apartment on the site, the base price is often displayed for the minimum number of residents.


In order to find out the cost of an apartment for the required number of residents, select the number of guests in the appropriate field. The cost will be calculated based on a surcharge for each additional guest who is not included in the base price.

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