"Online" and "On request" apartments


There are two possible availability types on Dobovo: Online and On Request.

Apartments, which have up-to-date availability calendar refer to the type of "Online". They are displayed at the top of the list and can be booked without additional confirmation of the owner. Each "Online" apartment is marked with the green label "Available" and the button "Book now".

If you would like to book an "On request" apartment, you will need to send a request for the apartment and wait for a response from the owner. Such apartments have the button "Request".

While you are waiting for the availability confirmation, you will receive alternative accommodation options, which will be sent to your email.

When the owner responds to your request, you receive an email with information about the availability of the apartment. If the apartment is available, the email will contain Payment Link for confirming your order.
Information about average response time of each owner is stated on the page of the apartment in the box with the information "Owner".



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