How can I get the refund of my payment?


There are some different kinds of refunds.

Cancellation by the guest: if you cancel your booking due to some changes in your plans, you should initiate the procedure of cancellation in order to receive the refund in accordance with the cancellation policy. Refund is carried out within 7 banking days from the moment of submitting the completed and signed application for refund.

Cancellation by the owner: if owner cancels your booking, you can use your deposit for the new reservation + compensation voucher*. Or we can refund you the deposit.

If your order is cancelled by the owner, you are sent a notification email. Next, enter the personal cabinet of the guest. Select the appropriate for you option - Return the money or Use the prepayment for the next order - in My bookings section.


After you click Return the money, you need to write a letter to Dobovo support to, indicate the order number and the information that you need the refund. The form for registration of refund will be sent to you in response. After you fill out the form and send it to the email, the refund will be made within 7 banking days.

Also you can contact our managers by phone and get advice on refund.

If you prefer the option Use the prepayment to the next order, you can place a new order and then contact Dobovo support and inform about new order number. The deposit, which is already in our system, as well as compensation will be used in new order.

Compensation rules: if your booking is cancelled by the owner, you are entitled to a full refund, paid as a deposit, as well as compensation in the amount of half price per night (not more than 5000 UAH) which can be used in Dobovo system to pay for other order.

*Available during 365 days after it was generated.

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