How to get you flats into the top?


Very important factors in forming the rating of your apartment on our site are:

- average mark from guests reviews
- amount of the reviews ( ask your guests to leave reviews about their stay of that is possible)

- amount of completed orders
- How detailed/full your information about the flat is
- amount of photos
- amount of the orders canceled by the owner and their relevant percentage (rating lowers)
- regularity of the availability calendar updates
- owners trustworthiness rating
- competitive ability of the price
- discounts depending on the length of the stay
- amount of hot offers

All these factors are taken into consideration when statistical information about your flat and its rating is formed.

 To get your flat to the top of the list, you need to process more bookings, in order to do it you need to get the client interested in your apartment by giving him as full information about it as possible, and also by adding discounts and hot offers so that your apartment would be displayed on the main page of the site.

The price is also very important – it would be the best if you set the price that you offer your clients directly, but also including our commission. That way you will be able to receive successful orders from Dobovo Booking Center.

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