How do I state that I require safety deposit/my check-in time is not standard?


If you want to state SPECIAL conditions of booking your apartments (for example: check-in/check-out time in not like the standard one, you take a safe-deposit or require special documents), this information should be clearly stated in the “House Rules” on Step 1 of adding the apartment. Minimum stay period, stay with connections, discounts and other additional services and accommodations are stated in the corresponding sections of the owners Control Panel.

If the price of your apartment depends on the amount of the guests, this information is modified the following way: on Step 1 of adding the apartment you state the basic price and a maximum amount of guests you're ready to provide accommodation for by this price in the special field. In case the guest will state a bigger number of people in their request, they will be informed that you may require additional payment.

Booking on is fully automatized – we don't change the price for the guest after the confirmation without a significant reason for that – so all changes in the price should be talked though beforehand.

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