Guest's check-in guarantee


The prepayment made by a guest, who booked your apartment through DOBOVO, works as a guarantee of their check-in. We don't transfer money BEFORE the guests check-out for a list of reasons: the dates can change, meaning so will the DOBOVO commission, we demand a high quality service for our clients, so if you provide for our client an apartment that doesn't live up to the information on the site – we will be obliged to return to him the prepayment. Due to your cancellation policy - the prepayment can't be returned if the guest cancels the booking less than the stated amount of days before the check-in (you can also state that the prepayment can't be returned under any circumstances, but we don't recommend you setting such cancellation policy). Also, in case no-show quest, the owner get the compensation in the amount of the price per night after deducting Dobovo commission.

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