The guest has changed the dates of the stay. How to do the reconciliation?


If the guest wants to shorten the term of their stay in the confirmed booking, their should take into account the cancellation policy. Most often, the reduction in the length of the reservation without penalty is possible for at least 7 days before the arrival date. Accordingly, if the guest already lives in the selected apartment, then shorten the stay their can only with extra payment for 1 night as a penalty for cancellation of one or more reservation dates.

If the guests have changed the length of their stay, they were offered a discount or the financial information of the order changed in any way – to update this information the reconciliation of the order in DOBOVO system has to be done.
To update the order information in DOBOVO system:

1. Enter the owners Control Panel

2. Find an option “Orders modification” on the main page of the site.


3. Press “Watch the booking details” and pick Reason of reconciliation


4. Enter the new price in the order and press RequestYou can also make changes if the guest didn't show up ( NO-SHOW) or canceled the booking (CANCELLATION).

5. After that the price in the order will change automatically.

6. Enter the “Prices and Availability” section and close the apartment for the term that the guests have prolonged.


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