How to state that the price of the apartment depends on the amount of guests?

Follow doesn't provide editing the price policy depending on the amount of the guests.
To make the apartment information correct, state the basic price for the maximum amount of guests you can provide, i.e. if you state the maximum amount of guests – 5 people, you should set the price for 5 people.

If you know that usually you rent out your apartment for 4 guests and the price for 5 people is higher and so fewer clients choose your apartment, we recommend to set maximum occupancy 4 people and provide fifth bed as an additional.

Let's see what settings should we adjust for the example above (2 double beds and a sofa for one person) where beds are included in the night rate and a sofa is provided for the edditional cost.

In this case, we need to:

  1. set 2 double beds and 1 single sofa bed;
  2. set maximum occupancy 4;
  3. set Rack Rate for four persons
  4. set House rules: additional sleeping place is available and put the price per night including Dobovo commission.


Also, you can add the same apartment like different ads with an appropriate cost.
In this case, one of the ads must be in "On request" mode, in order to avoid overlays of bookings.

For example, you add two ads of the same apartment with a maximum number of people 4 and 5:
- in the first ad for 4 people - the base price is 1000 UAH;
- in the second ad for 5 people - the base price is 1200 UAH.

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