How do I add my photo and information about myself in the Control Panel?


The presence of a photo of the owner next to his name helps to prepossess guests in his favor, increases the level of trust of guests and rating of apartments.

You have the opportunity to add a photo to your profile, as well as write a few lines about yourself.

To do this, go to the Control panel → Account → Personal Info and fill in the "Photo" and "About" fields and then press the "Submit" button.


Please note that the site will not publish photos of buildings, apartments or landscape photos. After all, having a picture of the owner will be an advantage for the guests during the selection of the flats.

The field "About" has a limit of up to 250 characters and is intended for entering brief personal information about you or your company (hotel, hostel and so on).

After you upload a photo and information about yourself, the data will be sent for approval to the content department.  In case the photo and information about you were successfully approved on the page of your apartment (on the owner's block), there will be a photo and a brief description "About Me."


Information "About Me" is displayed in two lines, and when you click on them with the mouse cursor, a hint with full-text will be displayed.

If you no longer want the photo and information about you to be displayed on the apartment page, you can remove it from the Account section in the Control panel.

With each download of new data, the content department will be re-moderating your photo and information in the "About" section with the further publication of them.

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