How should owners who have special requirements for customers work with Dobovo?


There are many apartments for guests from all over the world on Dobovo.

All clients over the age of 18 can book any apartment on the site by themselves.

If you want to receive more information about certain guests, you should work in the "On request" mode.
If you receive a request, you can contact the operator of the Dobovo customer service or contact your personal manager via e-mail, which specified in the personal account.

The manager will be able to request the information additionally, which you want to know about the guests, which is not displayed in the request initially. Clarification can be about the breed and the size of the pet, traveler guests etc.

If you work in the "Instant" booking mode, there is no possibility to specify such details. 
When you receive a booking with prepayment, you agree to accommodate the guests, regardless of whether they meet your requirements or not.

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