Why do some apartments can not be added to "Expert" program?


Only those apartments can be included to Expert program, that are suitable for the participation in the program.

There will be ticks opposite these apartments in the control panel of the owner, in section Hot Offers and Discounts - Expert.
Checkboxes will be empty and unavailable for changes opposite the apartments, which are not suitable under the terms of the program.


Conditions of participation in the Expert program are the next:
- average review score must be above 7.0;
- there must be at least 2 discounts for the apartments, for a period of up to 10 days (3 days, 7 days or other options).

How does the automatic exclusion of apartments from the program work?
Compliance with the conditions of the apartment is checked every day. If one of the above conditions is not met, the system automatically excludes this apartment from the program.

If the apartment is no longer suitable for participation in the program, the check mark is removed and checkbox becomes inactive in control panel of the owner, section Hot Offers and Discounts - Expert.

If the reason why the apartment was removed from the Expert program is fixed, and the apartment is suitable for participation in the program again, the checkbox becomes available again for a change.
The apartment is not included in this program automatically, so you need to go to your control panel, check the box and click Submit.

You can still delete the apartment from the Expert program manually by removing the checkmark opposite the apartment and clicking Submit.

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