How to become a participant of the program?

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To take part in “Refer a friend” program you need to be or become a registered user of Dobovo.

Participants of the program are divided into two types:
1) Advocate is one who shares a link;
2) Referral is one who goes to the link.

How to become an advocate?

1. Go to Personal account on Dobovo.
2. If Name and Surname fields are not filled in the profile, fill in both fields (compulsory condition).
3. Select Payment details in My profile section and enter the details of the bank card (number, mm/yy, name/surname).
4. Go to “Refer a friend” tab.
5. Copy the link.
6. Share a link with a friend (via Facebook, Messenger or just copy the link and send it in any other way).

How to become a referral?

1. Get a link like from an advocate and use it to visit the site.
2. Register on (if you do not already have a member account) or log in to your personal account.
3. You must fill out NameSurname and add the details of the bank card in Payment details tab in your profile.
4. Make booking for any apartment (the total amount of order should be no less than 1000 UAH. If the amount of order is insufficient to use the referral program, the missing amount will be indicated in the special notification).

Terms of the referral program are described here.